Oracle Survey – Oracle Customer Satisfaction Survey

Oracle Survey :- Oracle Survey is a fully integrated, enterprise-class feedback management software solution that is designed to make the feedback management easy to gather and act upon critical voice-of-the-customer insight in real-time across the web, social media, and contact centers.


Oracle Survey

Oracle survey is an easy way to create a survey with as many questions as possible in various styles. The survey is used to plan an event or to get tons of anonymous answers. The survey consists of a questionnaire that the customers need to answer and give their feedback.

It is the business product by Oracle that makes the customized market research easy. This product was designed as an alternative to internet paywalls that publish content.

Overview of the Oracle Survey

Oracle Survey

  • The Survey has the feature of listening, monitoring, and acting on customer feedback across the web, social, and contact center touchpoints.
  • By consolidating company-wide feedback processes into a single enterprise feedback solution the company reduce costs and increase efficiency
  • Quickly identify potentially unhappy customers and prioritize for follow-up.
  • Intelligently act on survey responses, automatically routing results to designated individuals or departments.

Survey campaign objectives achieved by two methods

  1. Creating a survey questionnaire- A script is created with keeping the campaign goals and objectives in mind.
  2. Managing the survey campaign-
  • Each survey campaign must-have on a special question script.
  • Each survey must have more than one cycle.
  • The survey must have more than one deployment.
  • Each campaign must have its own resources.

The features and benefits of the customer feedback of Oracle

  • Targeted feedback methods- Active feedback from customers after interactions and activities of the agent.
  • Personalized messaging- Achieve good responses from surveys and messages with personalized messages.
  • Audience targeting and segmentation- Strategically identify and target audiences.
  • Topic monitoring and Emotion detection- Identify potentially not happy customers and prioritize for follow-up. Classify the customer sentiments into specific categories for taking immediate action.
  • Survey designer- Maximize response rates with relevant messages.
  • Dashboards and reports- Synthesize all customer feedback into understandable trends for future action.
  • Polling widget- Capturing the voice of the customer by taking the poll directly within high traffic interaction points and gain insights into customer opinions.

Reasons for conducting the Survey

Oracle conducts an online survey for the following reasons:

  • Attract more consumers and create additional traffic on the website- Through the online survey and taking customer feedback they attract new customers and also generate more traffic on their website.

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  • Database of the customers- Oracle acquires the information of the customers to build a database of the customers who are interested in their products and the service provided by the company.


Oracle company conducts the survey to know the feedback from the consumer about the products, and also know the demands and requirements of the customer. The Oracle survey is carried out online on their website and the official app.

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