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Monkey Survey :- Survey Monkey is a medium that supports users to create their own surveys using question format templates. Basically, it is a survey tool provided to the user to create their own survey to know the requirements of their respective customer base.

The basic version of Survey Monkey is free while an advanced version needs a paid subscription. Ryan Finley and Chris Finley are the two founders of the Monkey survey.

Monkey Survey

Monkey Survey

The company provides free, customizable surveys, and also a suite of paid back-end programs that include data analysis. The company mainly targets bias elimination, sample selection, and data representation tools.

SurveyMonkey also provides for companies interested in data analysis, brand management, customer/employee feedback, and consumer-focused marketing.

Benefits of using SurveyMonkey

  1. The time span needed to complete an online survey project is very fast comparative to all that of traditional research methods.
  2. Here you can save money to a great extent because you don’t have to allocate time and resources to enter the information into a database.
  3. The margins of error decreased to a very large extent because participants enter their responses directly into the system.

How to apply for the SurveyMonkey

  1. Open the SurveyMonkey website on your laptop or on mobile.
  2. Click on the Sign-in present on the top of the page on the right side.
  3. Enter your Username and password connected with Survey Monkey and click on Sign In.
  4. Or you can sign up by facebook id or Gmail id to access the survey monkey.
  5. Then click on the “+Create Survey” button present at the top of the page.
  6. Now here you have to enter a title and also select a category. You have also one option to used already done a survey and work on it.
  7. Select a suitable template for your survey and by selecting it to click on the ‘next’ option.
  8. You can also make edits to the default survey and template present on the left side of your survey.
  9. Click the “Collect Responses” tab at the top. Click the method if you want to distribute your survey.
  10. Click “Next Step”. Copy the URL and paste it in your email, twitter or anywhere else that you can post a link for your users to click and access the survey.
  11. Design the survey. Here your survey starts and by selecting the type you want you can start the survey.

Working of Monkey Survey

The advanced features in SurveyMonkey are designed in such a way that professionals get every information related to the survey. The data collected by the company can give a huge amount of information related to the survey you are conducting.

The company never keeps its customers unsatisfied, always try to collect a collaboration for more and accurate information.

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SurveyMonkey offers a very accurate and clear solution to a larger extent in order to make a loyal bond with the customer.

The interesting thing about SurveyMonkey is that you can ask multiple questions simultaneously and the website also responds quickly.

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