Home Depot Survey – Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey

Home Depot Survey :- Home Depot survey is the publicity campaign carried out to know the feedback and suggestions from the customers. The survey consists of a questionnaire that the customers need to answer and give their feedback.

It is the Home Depot guest experience survey that is done to gather the customer’s feedback and opinions about the services and products offered by Home Depot.

What is Home Depot

Home Depot Survey

Home Depot is an American retailing company which specializes in home improvement supplies founded by Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank, Ron Brill and few others in 1978. The company has its headquarter at Atlanta, Georgia.

Purchase Required? No
Prize$5,000 gift card
Entry MethodOnline / Email (AMOE)
Entry LimitNo Limit
LocationUS, Canada, Mexico

It has around 1200 stores all across America making it the largest home improvement retail company in America.

Steps followed to complete the Home Depot survey

To complete the survey the customer needs to complete the following steps:

  1. Visit the official website of Home depot- Firstly, it is necessary to visit the website. After the page is loaded completely, enter the required information in the survey. To start the survey you need to enter the Zip code.
  2. Entering Username and password- After entering the zip code and filling the necessary information, then enter your username and password.
  3. Starting the survey- After entering the username and password, click the start button and begin the survey.
  4. Answering the questions- After beginning the survey, answer every question honestly and click on ‘continue’ to proceed further in the survey.
  5. Enter the demographic information- After answering the survey questions, enter the demographic information of your respective fields. Enter the demographic information carefully which gives your basic information about your respective field.
  6. Enter your personal information- After entering the demographic information, fill in personal information such as name, mobile number, and address. This enables the company to contact the customers very easily.
  7. Submit- After filling in all the information then click on the submit button to finally submit your survey.

Things required to complete the survey

Home Depot has made the survey easily accessible to every customer. Things required to complete the survey are:

  • Any digital device like computers, laptop or mobile phones.
  • The customer needs to have internet access.
  • The customer should have a recent receipt of the store.

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Reasons for conducting the Survey

Home Depot conducts an online survey for the following reasons:

  • Attract more customers and create additional traffic on the website- Through the online survey and taking customer feedback they attract new customers and also generate more traffic on their website.
  • Getting to know the opinions of customers- The customers provides honest feedback, give suggestions and opinions about the product and service of Home Depot.
  • Database of the customers- Home Depot acquires the information of the customers to build a database of the customers who are interested in their products and the service provided by the company.
  • Attract new customers- Through the survey, Home Depot attracts new customers to their business.


Home Depot conducts the survey to know the consumer and the demands and requirements of the customer. The Home Depot survey is carried out online on their website and the official app.

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